10 Bearded Dragons FAQs

These are some of the common questions we get about bearded dragons.

  1. How fast are bearded dragons?
  2. How big are bearded dragons?
  3. How long do bearded dragons live for?
  4. Do bearded dragons bite?
  5. Can bearded dragons swim?
  6. Do bearded dragons pee?
  7. Are bearded dragons good with other pets?
  8. Do bearded dragons hibernate?
  9. Why do bearded dragons wave their arms and bob their heads?
  10. Can I feed my bearded pinkies?

Sometimes people have asked: Can I sleep with my bearded dragon?

How fast are bearded dragons?

While they are not known for their speed, beardies can run up to 25mph (about 40kmh). To put this in perspective, the sprinting speed of an average man is about 15mph or 28mph if you are Usain Bolt!

How big are bearded dragons?

Males are typically bigger than females. When they are babies they are really small but can grow up to 24 inches (60cm) and weigh about 1lb (500g). In captivity bearded dragons are prone to being overweight due to overfeeding and not exercising enough.

How long do bearded dragons live for?

If you are considering a bearded dragon for a pet it is important to make sure you are certain this is the right decision for you as they can live up to 10 years.

Do bearded dragons bite?

Bearded dragons are unlikely to bite people and are generally safe around children. In my experience it is much more common to get scratched by your beardies long sharp claws as he holds onto your arm for support. Sometimes accidental bites happen when your beardie confuses your finger for a worm, but this will usually be more of a shock than painful as they tend to use their tongues for eating. Aggressive bites are very rare and are usually the result of being overly provoked. If you were bitten it is unlikely to hurt all that much. While unlikely, as with any break of the skin, it is important to keep it clean to avoid infection.

Can bearded dragons swim?

Beardies are excellent swimmers and will often enjoy a bath for soaking, exercise and impaction (think constipation) relief. If your beardie hasn’t been for a while, you can almost guarantee that 5 minutes in the tub will result in a horrible brown and white stench!

Do bearded dragons pee?

Have you ever wondered what the white stuff is on the end of a beardie’s poo? Well similar to birds, bearded dragons do not pee in the same sense as humans do, but that white stuff you see included within their excretion is their urine.

Are bearded dragons good with other pets?

The simple answer is, it depends. Beardies can and do get on with other pets including cats and dogs but this is not to say that they all do. As your pets’ owner, you will know them better than anyone else. If you think they will be ok to be introduced, under the right supervision, then you might want to give it a try. If any of the animals become stressed or alarmed, then that is your signal to separate them immediately. While larger pets are usually ok with beardies, I would not recommend introducing them to another beardie or anything smaller as they are both likely to get hurt. By nature beardies are not communal species and should be kept separately.

Do bearded dragons hibernate?

In the wild beardies can go into brumation (which is like a reptile version of hibernation). In an effort to survive the colder months where there is less sunlight and food beardies can go into a sleep like state. In captivity not all beardies will go into brumation and brumation will usually occur once your beardie is at least a year old. Since beardies are naturally from the southern hemisphere, if being kept in the northern hemisphere they can get confused. If your beardie goes into brumation, which can last for months, do not worry and try to wake them, this is perfectly normal.

Why do bearded dragons wave their arms and bob their heads?

While no one really understands the reason why beardies do this, it would appear that they do this to communicate with each other. Some theories suggest that arm waving is a submissive gesture whereas head bobbing is a dominant gesture. Being a territorial animal this communication would be useful for both attracting a mate and also to warn off other same sex dragons.

Can I feed my bearded pinkies?

Beardies will probably eat pinkies (baby mice) in the wild as they are a good source of protein and fat. However, this is the same reason why you probably should not feed them to your pets in captivity. As mentioned above, in captivity, beardies are prone to becoming overweight. A healthy balanced diet of fresh bugs and green salad can help to keep their weight down.

Can I sleep with my bearded dragon?

Beardies enjoy cuddles and will happily sit on your lap wrapped in a blanket watching tv, but can you bring him to bed? Technically, of course you can, but is it recommended? No. There are a number of reasons why this is not a good idea. The main one being is that beardies are small and delicate – if you roll over in the night, then you may not have a beardie in the morning. Secondly, beardies are not the cleanest of animals. They naturally harbour bacteria and worse may even defecate in your bed!