Can You Feed Earthworms to Bearded Dragons?

When you want to keep a bearded dragon as a pet, it is essential to consider the caring requirements, such as habitat, temperature, humidity, and diet.

When it comes to the diet of these reptiles, they eat both insects and plants. Bearded dragons can eat a wide range of insects to fulfill their nutritional requirements, which include adequate amounts of protein and calcium.

However, they will not eat insects with higher amounts of fat content. The most common insects that you can give your bearded dragon are horn worms, crickets, silkworms, phoenix worms, and roaches. But, what about earthworms? Do they eat earthworms? Let’s find out!

Do Bearded Dragons eat earthworms?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat earthworms, but often, they will try to avoid these worms. Research shows that these reptiles do not enjoy the taste of earthworms. Keep in mind that earthworms are a rich source of essential proteins and nutrients required for the optimal health of your bearded dragon.

Make sure you avoid feeding them earthworms that are usually found outside. The reason is that those earthworms might be carrying parasites and toxic substances like pesticides and herbicides. Feeding your bearded dragon with earthworms that carry harmful chemicals can make your pet sick.

Therefore, the best option is to visit a licensed retailer that sells earthworms for bearded dragons. Not only are they free from chemicals, pesticides, and insecticides, but they are also sometimes modified to improve the taste. Thus, it becomes easier for your pet to eat them.

Why you should feed your Bearded Dragon earthworms?

Although bearded dragons are omnivores, because they eat both insects and plant-based food, these reptiles require a wide range of proteins to maintain their metabolic and homeostatic balance.

Remember, younger bearded dragons require more protein than adult species because it helps in their growth and development. Earthworms are an excellent food for your bearded dragon if you buy them from a reputable retailer.

Not only are earthworms a great source of proteins, but they also provide other essential nutrients, such as iron and calcium, which can help your pet breakdown food easily. Proteins are also required for cellular and tissue repairs.

Additionally, earthworms contain other elements, such as zinc, copper, and manganese, which are needed for the different bodily functions of the reptile. Moreover, research highlights that earthworms the composition of earthworm’s protein is better than those of soybean, fish, and meat.

Although earthworms are a good source of proteins for your bearded dragons, their body composition is high in water. For pet owners, sometimes, it is difficult to make their bearded dragons eat earthworms. The reason is that the bulky water content in earthworms will cause difficulties for your bearded dragon to digest them easily.

Final Words

In conclusion, you can feed your bearded dragon with earthworms along with other insects. Make sure you also give it plant-based food to maintain its optimal nutrition. Feeding your bearded dragon earthworms daily or frequently can cause digestive issues. Therefore, you have to act carefully.