Do you Deliver?

Yes we deliver to selected addresses on the Isle of Man. 

If you are unsure if we deliver to your address or not please contact us before you order.

All items are available for collection.

Out of Stock – Can I still order?

While we do try to keep as much stock as possible, the care and well-being of the animals are our priority and as such we will only stock what we currently need.

If you would like to order something that is not currently in stock please contact us before you order.

What is Bug Saver?

Bug Saver is basically a subscription service. This is much more convenient (and cheaper 😀) if you need to buy bugs frequently.

If you advise upon ordering what size of animal you will need bugs for (or if they have a particular preference 🐛 / 🐜) then we will arrange for these bugs to be delivered to you weekly.

The only exception is if you would only like one tub a week, these will be delivered fortnightly.

You can place your first order here.

I Cannot complete my order please help!

Normally the cause for this is that your delivery address is outside our delivery area. 

If you are having any other issues with ordering please do not hesitate to contact us.